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The night itself was awe-inspiring; off the back of doing Pint-Sized I managed to secure a three week transfer to the Kings Head Theatre for my piece, Glitter Punch, and I also signed with my writing agent Janet Fillingham Associates. I can't recommend this night enough. 


I was new to playwriting and a bit scared, but Matt and Nick’s consistent support, affirmation and kindness was completely overwhelming and encouraging.

As I am based in the North East, Pint-Sized has been fundamental to the beginning of my career as it introduced me to my mentor for Pint-Sized Simon Stephens, various London based new writing theatres, as well as agent representation which I am still in contact with. 

After Pint-Sized, they continue to support me and my work and have put me in contact with different directors which suit my writing. I am now an Associate Artist at Live Theatre, a member of the Royal Court Writer’s Group North and under various commissions - I do not think I would be in these positions without their initial encouragement and support.

Matt and Nick are the kindest, they have both the wellbeing of everyone involved at the heart of what they do as well as a high standard of work, which I think is very rare. 


Very rarely do you get the opportunity to work with people who are genuinely interested in helping you nurture your talent, they have offered significantly useful advice, and aided me in the development of my writing. It was an absolute privilege to have my work selected and produced by them.

They arranged for me to be mentored by the renowned playwright Simon Stephens. Meeting him was incredibly inspirational – the advice and support he provided only affirmed my desire to pursue a career in writing for theatre. I am indebted to them for arranging this, and giving me a wonderful showcase opportunity.


The support, insight and sheer drive that Matt and Nick provide for playwrights, of all ages, is second to none.  


One of the most remarkable factors of the process is the mentorship.  I was fortunate enough to be mentored by the immeasurably talented Enda Walsh, and meeting, chatting, and drinking with such a luminary - and finding out that the struggles are the same, the passion is still the same and that there is a camaraderie in being writers all in the trenches together, gives you a sense that - yes, I can do this.  I want to do this.


Wonderfully, and only due to Pint Sized, I have an established voice to occasionally bounce a thought of, meet for a couple of pints, invite to any forthcoming plays, and remarkably a sort of ‘champion’ of world reknown of my work. Not just Enda, but also, and very much so Matt and Nick.


Matt and Nick are two of the loveliest people working in theatre. Their determination to actively change the face of theatre and theatre-making is palpable; they actually do rather than just say.


They have consistently supported and championed me and my writing, resulting in their commissioning me to write a short play as part of their Pint-Sized Goes Damsel night. I was paid, given a fantastic mentor and offered constant support along the way. The play ended up being produced as a full-length piece, having a successful run at Vault Festival and winning an award.


Matt & Nick's commitment to championing writers from backgrounds lacking in the theatre industry is brilliant. I hope their example becomes the benchmark of theatre companies in the future.


Thanks to Matt and Nick I helped to find a maturity to my voice as a writer. 

By having my short play '212' as part of Pint Sized, I was able to develop a vision for its future as a full length production. 

My mentor, provided by Pint Sized, James Graham remains a help in the development of the play. 

My literary agent Jasmine Daines Pilgrim (from Lisa Richards) signed me because of that Pint Sized showcase. 


I can't emphasise enough how important Pint Sized has been.


Because of Matt and Nick’s affirmation and enthusiasm, I used The Night Tella, performed at Pint-Sized, to send to The Royal Court, and was then commissioned to write for their Open Court Festival 2016 which the same piece was actually performed at.


If it weren't for Matt and Nick validating and encouraging me, their excitement towards what I write and their continued involvement and support in my career’s progression, I wouldn't have the CV I do now.



It’s rare to find two people who are so genuinely invested in nurturing new writers. I received vital feedback from both Matt, Nick and my mentor Ella Hickson which was instrumental in taking not only the piece forward but in my own development as a writer.


Seeing the actual piece performed to such a high standard on the night was a joy and the whole event had such a supportive atmosphere. That network of support is so vital and something Pint Sized have developed incredibly successfully. 


The process was incredible. The thrill of discovering that your work has not only been selected, but
is allocated a director and actors as well, is immeasurable. The director (Tommo Fowler) was
sensitive with the writing and did a fantastic job in bringing it to life on stage with superb
performances from the actors - all of which is testament to the sort of people both Nicholas and
Matt have access to.

Both Nick and Matt were consistently positive about my work, saying how they were excited to have me, and the piece, as part of Pint-Sized. They were incredibly complimentary and took time to talk to me, both leading up to, and on the night. To me, this goes
above and beyond - providing new talent with the sort of encouragement and confidence required
for this field.

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