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October-Fest 2019

Bunker Theatre, 21st-26th October 2019

Plays performed:

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

Writer: Nathan Queeley-Dennis
Director: Robert Awosusi


How To Kill Your Mother
Writer: Georgia Green
Director: Emma Baggott

Writer: Nathan Ellis 
Director: Andy McNamee

All Aboard! At Termination Station
Writer: Lilly Burton
Director: Tatty Hennessy

This Kind Of Air
Writer: Vera Ion
Director: Nastazja Domaradzka

PS19 V2.png

October-Fest 2018

Bunker Theatre, 1st-6th October 2018

Plays performed:

Copper and Steel

Writer: Simon Jagger
Director: Emma Baggott


Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Ants
Writer: Tom Powell
Director: Sam Carrack

Wild Thing
Writer: Yaz Nin
Director: Chris Sonnex

the Palestinian in the basement is on fire
Writer: Sami Ibrahim
Director: Christopher Yarnell

The Great Size or Extent of Something
Writer: Anna Spearpoint
Director: Carla Kingham

Final October-Fest Poster.jpg

PINT-SIZED: May 2018

Bunker Theatre, 20th/21st Nov. 2017

Give A Man A Bible 
Writer: Afsaneh Gray
Director: Lucy Jane Atkinson


Writer: Greg Romero
Director: Rafaella Marcus

The Hyperviolent King of the Universe
Writer: Matt Parvin
Director: Tommo Fowler

He Said She Said
Writer: Jessica Lovett 
Director: Simon Bowen

Good Cook Friendly Clean
Writer: Brooke Robinson
Director: Natasha Hyman

PINT-SIZED: November 2017

Bunker Theatre, 20th/21st Nov. 2017

Plays performed:

Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva, The 

Young Woman Applauded Herself
Writer: Bella Heesom
Director: Donnacadh O'Briain


Writer: Tamsin Daisy Rees
Director: Nel Crouch

A Bairn Born Wrong
Writer: Paul Roberts
Director: Oliver Dawe

Writer: Christopher York
Director: Francesca Murray-Fuentes

Alive Day
Writer: Frances Bushe
Director: Lakesha Arie-Angelo

PINT-SIZED: October 2017

Bunker Theatre, 16th/23rd Oct. 2017

Plays performed:

A Temporary Matter

Writer: Samuel Keefe
Director: Robyn Hoedemaker


Writer: Maud Dromgoole
Director: Isabel Marr

Dreamless Sleep
Writer: Georgie Staight
Director: Anthony Simpson-Pike

The Space Between Everything
Writer: Joe McKie
Director: Matt Harrison

Writer: Florence Ruby Read
Director: Alex Lass & James Watt


Bunker Theatre, 21st May 2017

Plays performed:

Menage a Moi
Writer: Jessie Thompson
Director: Jo Cox


Some Come With Keys
Writer: Tabitha Mortiboy
Director: Cat Robey

Writer: Matilda Ibini
Director: Emily Collins

Rat King
Writer: Genevieve Hulme-Beaman
Director: Gemma Aked-Priestly

Writer: Callum P. Crouch
Director: Hannah Sharkey

I Have a Mouth and I Will Scream
Writer: Abi Zakarian
Director: Rafaella Marcus

PINT-SIZED: February 2017

Bunker Theatre, 20th February 2017

Plays performed:

Orange Juice
Writer: Karim Khan
Director: Emma Sampson


Writer: Martin McNamara
Director: Max Elton

Writer: Rogerio Correa
Director: Tatty Hennessy

A Firework Unexploded
Writer: Dave Osmundsen
Director: Joshua McTaggart

Ripe Apricots, Burning Oil
Writer: Clare Reddaway
Director: Callum P. Crouch

Writer: Angie Farrow
Director: Carla Kingham

PINT-SIZED: December 2016

Bunker Theatre, 12th December 2017

Plays performed:

Prevent Tours
Writer: Emma Griffiths
Director: Matt Maltby


Writer: Felix O'Brien
Director: Simon Paris

Love Thy Monster
Writer: Joe Sellman-Leava
Director: Yaz Al-Shaater

Writers: Helen Monks & Matt Woodhead
Director: Matt Woodhead

Writer: Margaret Perry
Director: Maud Dromgoole

The Stand-In
Writer: Brett Hursey
Director: Carla Kingham

PINT-SIZED: November 2016

Bunker Theatre, 14th November 2016

Plays performed:

Build Lilli
Writer: Abi Zakarian
Director: Andy McNamee


4 Hours and 37 Minutes
Writer: Kaffe Keating
Director: Sam Carrack

Glitter Punch
Writer: Lucy Burke
Director: Tatty Hennessy

First Time
Writers: Suzy Gill
Director: Robyn Hoedemaker

Man Up
Writer: Simon Lennon
Director: Rebecca Hill

Unmanly Grief
Writer: Tim Crowther
Director: Tommo Fowler

PINT-SIZED: May 2016

Pleasance, Islington, 9th May 2016

Plays performed:

Don't Drink The Water
Writer: Zuri Eshun
Director: Tatty Hennessy & Ashlea Kaye


Writer: David Ralf
Director: Rob Henderson

Writer: Sarah Tejal Hamilton
Director: Nick Oliver

When I Met Rosie
Writers: Sarah Milton
Director: Hannah Hauer-King

Writer: James Corrigan
Director: Andy McNamee

Writer: Lindsay Dukes
Director: Joe Hufton

Writer: Christopher Adams
Director: Cassie Webb

Wooden Overcoats
Writer: David K. Barnes
Director: David K. Barnes

PINT-SIZED: September 2015

Jermyn Street, 28th September 2015

Plays performed:

Writer: David Ralf
Director: Rob Henderson


Early One Morning
Writer: Elizabeth Rutherford
Director: Saul Reid

The Night Tella
Writer: Sarah Milton
Director: Sara Joyce

Faster, Higher, Stronger, Straighter
Writers: Damien Tracey
Director: Stephen Whitson

Journey's End
Writer: Lorna Pearson
Director: Ollie Kaderbhai

PINT-SIZED: May 2015

Jermyn Street, 25th May 2015

Plays performed:

Writer: Joe Eyre
Director: Matt Maltby


Death's Bathtub
Writer: Lorna Scott
Director: Lucy Atkinson

Seven Years
Writer: Chris Crossley & Nick Oliver
Director: Scott Ellis

Boys' Toys
Writers: Matt Maltby
Director: Nick Oliver

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